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Marketing, SEO, Advertising, Facebook , Socila Media Marketing, Sales & Franchising Workshop Workshop With Marketing & Franchise Expert Allan H. Fine
this business owner specific workshop you will learn to...



































With Marketing & Franchise Expert Allan H. Fine

At this business owner specific workshop you will learn to... 
 Save Thousands In Unnecessary Marketing Costs & Avoid The Biggest Mistakes That Most Internet Novices Make 

  • Get onto Page 1 of Google in less than 1 week without having to spend a ton of money!
  • Mobile Marketing-SMS text messaging, couponing, contests. How can it help you increase your revenues-Find out how!
  • Get "Window Shoppers" to buy – Let us teach you how to write the proper marketing message  

10 No Cost Ways To Advertise & Drive the Right Target Market "Ready To Buy" Traffic To Your Website 

  • Effortlessly build a list of target market prospects at no cost and keep e-marketing to them at no cost
  • Viral Marketing: Get almost everyone to promote you through word of mouth marketing that spreads

 The Most Important Sales Technique That Most Sales People Leave Out... 

  • Never forget anything in your sales presentation – without notes!! No matter how absent minded you are!
  • The most powerful close in the world that professional sales training companies use but don't train their clients

 Already Successful? Franchise Your Business at a Fraction of the Cost 

  • Determine if your business is franchise-able, and how easy it is to franchise today
  • How to start selling franchises immediately

 Here are just some of the types of businesses that our Guaranteed Marketing System has helped: 

  • We have worked with the #1 Advisor, #2 Trainer and Rookie of the Year of Investors Group in Calgary, Manitoba and Toronto
  • Calgary Personal Trainer went from $5K to $30K/Month in the first month and sold 7 franchises
  • BC Vending company went from losing $4K/Month in ads to franchising with a multi-million dollar ad budget
  • Australian Business Consultancy sold over $3 Million in franchises and franchise territories
  • Calgary Recruiting Company went from 0 sales to $155K in first month of working with us - now has 10 employees
  • Calgary Web Designer starts making $20K/month using our marketing and sales systems and plans to franchise
  • Calgary Roofing Company increases revenues dramatically and now is the preferred supplier for Direct Buy
  • Canadian Entertainer that was about to get a "real" job, triples price and starts making $30K/Month in their first month with us
  • Ontario Health & Wellness product distributor generates $30K/Month in additional "PROFITS" using our system
  • Calgary Piano Instructor on track to make over $1,000,000.00 in 2010!
  • Calgary Real Estate Agent made $25,000 from $1,600 postcard campaign

  Alberta Music Instructor Increases Revenues X 10 - On Track To Make $1 Million/Year
"I've been to a lot of business coaching seminars that try to motivate and inspire you. Here's the bottom line (we all like the bottom line right?).  If you want to feel pumped, inspired or in love with the world read Chicken Soup for the Soul. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MOOLAH JOIN THE EXECUTIVE EDGE MARKETING & FRANCHISING!  And guess what? You will feel more pumped, inspired and in love with everybody around you as well. 
As the old saying goes, "Nothing succeeds like success!" P. N.

 BC Company Went From Losing $4,000.00/Month To A Multi- Million Dollar Advertising Budget
"This is just a short note to thank you for your valuable input as it really has helped us to take our business to the "next level". You have helped us to transform our business into a company with a bright future and increasing profit margin, whereas before your input the future was quite uncertain."  N. J.

 Alberta Roofing Company Increases Revenues Dramatically and Now Worth Millions
"At first I was unsure whether or not the marketing plan would actually be helpful to us.  A year later I can say that the plan was worth every penny and all of the effort! The marketing plan transformed my business from just another roofing company into a professional looking business with a clear and effective marketing message and marketing system. We saw definite results when we stayed very busy even though the housing market slowed down our competitors. By following the plan for systemizing my business I increased its resale value to 1.5 million and counting!" Thanks A Million (Literally), S. St. C.

 Australian Business Consultancy Sells Over $2 Million In Licenses And License Territories
From July 2005 to January of 2006 Canadian sales totalled $60,000.00.The Executive Edge Principals  got involved in February of 2006 and sales jumped to over $2,000,000.00. The CEO said that we are..."Like ten salesmen on steroids!" K. B.

 Entertainment Co. Increases Revenues Drastically Within 44 Days of Attending Workshop
"Thank you! I'm not kidding you, this is going like GANG BUSTERS! We can't thank you enough for your work, help, guidance, coaching and support.  It's like living on another planet.  We feel so blessed by God that he directed us to you and that you never gave up contacting and inviting me to things!" C. A.

Registration For the Rank High on Google Seminar.

FREE Rank High on Google, Mobile advertising Workshop with Marketing Expert Allan H. Fine

Dec 15th Calgary 

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Join SEO, Marketing and Franchising Expert Allan Fine as he teaches you how to...

•Get onto Page 1 of Google in less than 1 week
•Learn the difference between Features and Benefits
•Build a Massive list on Linkedin

•Convert internet prospects into paying clients
•Mobile Marketing / The future of Cell Phone advertising
•Effortlessly build a list of target market prospects at low cost
•Convert internet prospects into paying clients
•Why You absoloutley have to have a Professional Facebook Business Page.
•If you are a charity please attend
•We will go over in detail what is wrong with your website!
•Get on Facebook with a Business Page , Get 10,000 Likes.
•Write Strategic Web and Ad Copy that attracts the right buyers
•Get "Window Shoppers" to buy (even online ones)
•Easily track the effectiveness of all of your marketing initiatives
•Save thousands in unnecessary marketing costs
•Sell more product, to more people, more often, at higher prices
•Never cold call again
•Viral Marketing: Get almost everyone you know promoting you
•Franchise your business at low cost
And many more, easy to implement systems & strategies……
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When: Thursday, Dec 15th

Calgary: The Carriage House Inn
9030 Macleod Trail S
Calgary, AB T2H 0M4  
Toronto Mezza Notte Restaurant
North York: 5304 Yonge Street.
Phone: 416-222-2888

Please arrive at: 11:45 am
Workshop starts: 12 Noon(ends at 2:30pm)
Limited Availability only 10 Seats Left 
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