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    We try to understand your needs and your business and then we steer you to the most logical starting place so you have a smooth path through the organization. And no matter what you do, we are here to assist you. You always have a contact with your best interest at heart, right here waiting to talk to you.
    Breakthrough Consulting

    Breakthrough Consulting

    If your company wants to be generating $1 million or more in revenue and you want to take it to the next level, then our Breakthrough Marketing and Consulting program is the answer. We see your potential for further growth even in the current difficult economy. It is our experience that there are very few companies out there that we can't help dramatically increase their business in any economy. CEO's Only We work exclusively with CEO's that have vision and want to build their business from where they are today to where they want to be next year and beyond. We look at your overall business and ask ourselves how we might double revenues, profitability, market share or whatever metric is most important or relevant to you, the CEO.
    Strategic and Tactical Solutions

    Strategic and Tactical Solutions

    One of the key ingredients to further your success is our unique ability to think, operate and implement both strategically and tactically. Most companies focus on tactics, not strategy. Conversely, the one's who may be good at strategy often do not have the breadth of knowledge to actually implement it with the proper tactics. Having worked across dozens of industries and sectors we can often bring strategies and tactics that someone too close to their own industry would never even imagine. That's where breakthrough happens. Almost no other consultancy can give you what we can, regardless of the price. And, some of the larger ones would likely cost five to ten times more and still deliver less. You will find us uniquely qualified to provide you with the perfect balance of brilliant strategy married to powerful tactical execution.
    Business People

    Real World Experience and Expertise

    A key element that sets us apart through this entire process is you are not working with 'wet-behind-the-ears' newly graduated students. Instead, you will work with people who have proven themselves in the trenches by owning their own successful companies or managing major divisions of other companies. We know what it is like to be kept awake at night, sweating over payroll, reworking plans to combat a new competitor or take advantage of a new opportunity. It is the experience and pedigree of the people you will be working with that really sets us apart.

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