Your competitors are stealing all your clients, how to stop them!

Your competitors are stealing all your clients, how to stop them!

Your competitors are stealing all your clients, how to stop them!

Why it’s so important for you to have a great website that converts on the Internet and a social media program.

50% of companies in North America have no website and 50% of the ones who do have no blog or social media program.
What that means is if you that 50%, you’re leaving money on the table. A lot of money,  and your competitors who have really understood why Internet marketing and social media is so important, are stealing all your clients.
Your competitors are stealing your clients

This is how to stop them:

1. Your website, as a mentioned above 50% of businesses in North America have no website, now this isn’t just me saying this,  this is statscan Canada. Just look it up.
So when is the last time pulled out the old Yellow Pages to look for a new product or service in your city?

Everyone I know and talk to simply goes on the Internet to Google, Bing or Yahoo,  puts in their search term and voila, they pick up the phone and start making phone calls or hop in the car and travel down to that location.
So if you have no website or your website hasn’t been updated in several years your competition,  who is really on it as far as Internet marketing goes , guess what,  they’re  stealing all your clients!

2. Create a social media program including a blog!  Now I know that this is all very confusing to you, I know this because when people hire my company that is what everyone says.
The same way I got my furnace fixed last week as far as my air-conditioning, it was simply a car refuse that had blown out in the circuit panel,  but I would never be able to diagnose that without breaking the whole thing. That is what the majority of my clients tell me about Internet marketing social media or blogging.

3. Your Social media program – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and then I could go on for another few paragraphs with websites like StumbleUpon, Google blogger, Pinterest, digg, delicious, and so on and so on.

Your website is where they come for actual calls to action and looking at your company, social media and blogging is where you give away tons of free information and education to make yourself an authority in your field.

So that they like you know you and trust you and they will want to hire you when they need your service.

4. A wordpress blog, WordPress ( maybe you’ve heard of it maybe you haven’t) is a CMS ( content management system) or interface for editing, of a website or a blog.

Google loves it! It is definitely the system you want to use for creating a blog , which is the system to get your content and free information and education out to your potential clients on the internet ,who when they see that you know what you’re talking about will want to hire you.
The great thing about WordPress is it has thousands of phenomenal plug-ins ( a piece of software you can import into the backend administration panel) that will make the blog do something.

Like a plug-in called Shareaholic, which puts a whole bunch of social media buttons at the bottom of each blog post allowing you to send your information to 10 or so of the best social media sites in a matter of minutes, this will share your information with potentially hundreds of thousands of people, giving you reach and creating a stream a steady leads.

I could go on and on but it would be better if you actually had some training, and that’s why I’m doing a phenomenal training program on July 18 and 19th through a coupon company called swarm jam here is the link,

Internet Marketing Training

it’s a $1000 offer for only $29, now I know some of you may be thinking with a deal like that the training is going to be crap, but if you look at the deal and then my LinkedIn page

you’ll see all of the testimonials from people who taken my training which will show you the deal and training is phenomenal. My goal is to overdeliver and to help as many people as I can in 2013 demystify Internet marketing and social media.

I look forward to seeing you and if you have any internet marketing questions you want answered give me a shout!

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