Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing.

If you’re not taking advantage of what social media marketing has to offer your business. Guess what, your competitors are. That means are leveraging the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and the rest of all the popular social media sites to get their message out. Social media allows a business reach. This means that if you have a blog or let’s say just a LinkedIn account and you can reach a couple of hundred people, a social media program can help you reach hundreds of thousands.

That’s a big difference, as far as who’s going to see your message and who is going to contact you. What it really comes down to is lead generation.

Which is why, of course, your business needs a killer social media strategy. In order to tap the potential of this fabulous marketing tool, you’ll want to first determine if social media can meet your goals and objectives. If you’re still figuring out your marketing plan for 2013/2014, consider the following 10 reasons why a social media strategy may be well worth the effort.

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1. LinkedIn, This is probably the number one social media site for businesses. I recommend the companies since unlike Facebook (Here’s a funny picture of my dog) LinkedIn is all about business and only business. That means it is more of a professional business related site, and it permits companies to create their personal as well as business profiles. Using widgets, companies can direct users to their content on Twitter and other sites. Members can also use the site, just as they use Facebook, and use company Pages; to inform the people about their services and products.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

2. Don’t discount the power of  TV, radio, Yellow Pages, direct mail, and postcards each will produce a profit when these are used shrewdly, and the responses tested. While significantly more expensive than Internet marketing , if done properly , they are still among the most profitable methods to assure that your business advertising and marketing pays you is to make each print ad a link to your internet site, where you may deliver a more comprehensive sales presentation as to why the buyer ought to stop at your retail store or call your local small business and buy from you.

3. Start with a web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy. As I’ve mentioned before and countless numbers of my articles, your website ( make sure you have one) has got to be the focal point of all your marketing. With our great website, your dead in the water.

4. Get ranked at the top in major search engines, and practice good Search Optimization Techniques. SEO, it’s so important nowadays and really confusing with all Google changes, Penguin and panda updates, that’s why you need a good SEO specialist on your side, ( find one).

5. Learn to use Email Marketing Effectively. The money is in the list as they say and you need to have a great autoresponder system. I recommend this one.

6. Dominate your marketing niche with affiliate, reseller, and associate programs. Using a great affiliate program can dramatically increase your sales. Make sure you have one , here is mine. PS: I’m always looking for great affiliates for my webinars.

7. Request an analysis from an Internet marketing coach or Internet marketing consultant. I hire other marketing companies on a regular basis to give me a second or third set of eyes as I can’t often see my forest through my trees. You probably can’t either, and so purchase a marketing audit from a company. Just like this one.

8. Publish articles or get listed in news stories.

9. Write and publish online press releases. Press releases have great SEO one of the most expensive ones, , but best in my opinion is PRWeb.

10. Blog and interact with your visitors. Just like I’m doing now engaging you with my blog. You need a word press blog as well. I’m teaching that in my next webinar.


Any business’s online marketing strategy should include Facebook. Facebook, the largest social network in the world, has a lot to offer your business, you will be leaving money on the table if you are not willing to take advantage of it.

A corporate brand is the perception of a company that unites a group of products or services for the public under a single name, a shared visual identity, and a common set of symbols. The process of corporate branding consists creating favorable associations and positive reputation with both internal and external stakeholders. The purpose of a corporate branding initiative is to generate a positive halo over the products and businesses of the company, imparting more favorable impressions of those products and businesses.

There is no easier solution for allowing a lot of people everywhere to get interested in your business than television. There are millions of people all over the world that watch TV for at least four hours a day.

Social Media also allows for some good competition. When several businesses are all using social media marketing it connects them in a way through products, pricing and other business related strategies. So when they are all connected through social media, they are all going to naturally try to compete with each other with who has the better price and the better product.

A lot of people are trying their hand at online businesses. This is the new trend and it can be a successful one if you use the right tools to help you market your site and get traffic flowing. So when you ask the question ?Why should my business use social media?? you should actually be asking why would I not?

The business world is finally realizing the marketing value of social networking sites. A lot of these companies are putting up their own websites, but have no idea how to attract attention to them.

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