Why I love using Dragon Dictation for social media posting.

Creating social media posts on a regular basis should be the goal of every small business who can leverage the power of social media for creating educational information as well as Backlinks for the website.
As a Calgary Marketing Company I’m always looking for better and faster ways to use my Internet technology and my systems to help my clients and myself do things more efficiently.

In my Internet marketing programs and training I teach about the importance of blogging and how to blog properly.

In our high tech world of information overload. It’s very important that we stand out from the crowd with our blog post we put out, which are our messages to our clients and potential clients.

The messages shouldn’t be salesy or spammy and should not be just trying to sell them something.
Here are some of the rules that you should follow one blogging. So people actually read your messages and therefore they will trust you as an authority in your industry and business.

1. Don’t try to sell directly from your blog, if you’re like me, you probably get over 100 spam junk emails every single day. Most of them trying to sell you something.
2. Why don’t we buy from these people who are trying to sell us things in our email box every single day?
3. Number one, they’re trying to sell us something and we don’t want to be sold, number two, we don’t know them.
4. It’s very important to create a relationship with your audience and the best way to do that is to give away valuable free information on a regular basis, not pulling any punches or holding anything back.
5. Make your messages, fun and interesting, tell a great story, give away some great free information that is truly valuable, or show somebody an example of how either you or one your clients made a lot more money using some of your tips.
6. Don’t just create a blog post with your next sale or your next offer, I call this the buy from me, buy from me, buy from me post.

I use speech to text dictation software to create this blog post and am doing so during one of my Internet marketing training, webinars.
I find that using Dragon dictation is a phenomenal quick way of creating blog posts, as opposed to have this type them out ( I type one finger at a time ) and therefore Dragon allows me to create blog post quickly and easily.

I be happy to help you and show you more about this, just contact me.

Allan Fine

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