Let’s face it, times are a little bit tough, not as bad as the global recession back in 2008-2009, but still a little bit challenging. You have to get creative with your marketing especially tapping into new sources of online marketing that maybe you never have tried.

So many individuals and companies are still not using Internet marketing and social media marketing to its full potential. I can’t tell you how many clients I coach on a regular basis still didn’t have website until they hired me. I mean really come on people, it’s 2016 almost. A lot of people are still very old school, I got that, but is time to get geared up for 2016!!

These are the things you should do to get ready:

  1. Your website, this should be the focal point of all your online marketing efforts to drive people to your website. It should be much more than just a business card online for your company. It should pre-convince somebody who goes to it, that you or your company are the ones to call. If you haven’t updated your website in the last five years now’s the time to start! If you don’t have website at all, give me a shout I help you out.
  2.  Mobile website- once again,  2016, many clients have no mobile website or the one they do, just totally blows. Many individuals have opted in to having their website “responsive design”. This means no matter what size device you’re viewing it on it will shrink down. The only problem with that is ,is if you have a lot on your homepage, a Responsive design site will basically cram everything from your homepage onto a smart phone. Which looks like crap. About 2 1/2 years ago I opted into purchasing some really high end mobile website design software that creates really wonderful mobile sites that are totally individually unique to the desktop version of the website the client has already.
    The benefit of this is, they are extremely easy to read and navigate on a smart phone of any size. And since people just like you and me are shopping and looking up stuff on their smart phones now more than ever, having a truly outstanding mobile website is super important!
    You’ll see what I mean if you look up my site on your desktop and your smart phone. http://www.executiveedge1.com/blog/blog. Two totally different versions, but the smart phone version I think is really fantastic.
  3. Social media marketing-  I’m amazed how many company owners or individuals aren’t using Social media marketing as a tool to get new clients. For instance, my LinkedIn strategy.
    On a regular basis I post on my blog, new blog posts including this one, http://www.executiveedge1.com/blog/blog/blog , I then send, my blog post out to dozens of social media interfaces including LinkedIn. Then people look me up, and I have a upgraded LinkedIn premium membership. I can click on to the “Who has viewed my profile”, link, and because I have a premium upgraded membership I can see everybody and anybody who has viewed my profile, which I consider a warm lead or a possible joint venture partner. I then have a systematized process of contacting them, that brings me dozens of new leads every single month. So many business owners are not blogging or using social media marketing, but their competition is, and your competition is stealing all your leads!
  4. For B to B- Maximizing the use of LinkedIn- as I just mentioned.I use LinkedIn on a regular basis and have a specialized system of getting a great amount of leads on a regular basis which I teach to my clients as a phenomenal way of getting new leads every single month. As a top LinkedIn trainer and coach I’m telling you, if you are not leveraging LinkedIn, you’re losing out on a massive amount of leads. Whether you do B to B or B to C , it doesn’t matter, even consumers are on LinkedIn, and you can use it to your full advantage if you know how, just contact me I will let you know how to do this.
  5. List building, another critical factor that most businesses miss, on your homepage do you have any kind of autoresponder. Are you capturing peoples email addresses and names? And then are you using that information to market to them afterwards?
    Why is this so important? Glad you asked.
    Only 3% of people who see a marketing message are ready to buy from you right now.
    7% of people who see your marketing message are ready to buy in the next two weeks.
    30% of individuals who see your marketing message are ready to buy in the next two weeks to several months.
    30% are called unconscious buyers- Have you ever seen an infomercial or something on TV that you never thought you’d need? only to see it and go
    “I NEED THAT!”
    You didn’t know you even needed it until the person trying to sell it to you showed you the right criteria.
    And lastly the last 30% really will never buy from you.
    So while everybody else is in a dog fight for that 3% ready to buy right now. You could be marketing to that 67% of individuals who are ready to buy in the next few weeks or don’t even know that they need your stuff, which Is a bigger number? 3% or 67% I like to make sure uncovering my bases and that includes a marketing strategy that markets to and captures that 67% of the market very few are marketing to.If you can keep your marketing message and your company name and for to them for at least six months than the chances of you selling them your product or service go up dramatically. I can show you how to do this.

Well there you have it, five phenomenal tips that will help your marketing in 2016. If you do need any assistance in creating the strategies for yourself or your company. Give me a shout.