Understanding why you absolutely must ha a Ecommerce business model in addition to anything else your doing


Understanding Ecommerce business with over 10 Billion dollars spent online every year , we need a piece of that action.

The most powerful Ecommerce business model is a reoccurring Ecommerce model , that is something your clients buy every month. As well you have to consider the duplicatability of this as well.

The most powerful business models are also off the shelf, which means it has a powerful system attached as a model so you don’t have to create it from scratch.

Individuals who want their own business without the huge financial commitment that traditional businesses have simply have to find a right model Online like amazon.

Amazon sells nothing, they are the gatekeepers to those who want and those who sell.

So if you are keeping your options open and are open to new opportunities we are looking for A players who feel they are in a B game.

Is that you?

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