The top five reasons your marketing is not working and what you should be doing instead.

The top five reasons your marketing is not working and what you should be doing instead.

The top five reasons your marketing is not working and what you should be doing instead.

By Allan Fine of  The Executive Edge.

The top five reasons your marketing is not working and what you should be doing instead.

Let’s face it, social media and the Internet are changing rapidly, just as I finish writing this article something new will come up on the Internet either on a new social media site, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn.
Nothing is concrete Or set in stone, it’s changing every single week, especially as Google changes their formula on a regular basis, as it is a Google universe.

Whether you think I’m right or wrong, that’s okay with me but maybe, for just a second, keep an open mind and think about whether your Internet marketing is working for you or not, and if it’s not, then maybe what I’m saying is true.

Here are my top five reasons your marketing is not working:

1. Your website is terrible, how many times have you been on the Internet looking for new service or new organization, you’re looking for the company and you go to their website expecting something great from what you’ve heard about the organization in general and the website is just awful. Spend some money and hire a good designer. If you can’t do it yourself, don’t have your brother-in-law or someone else do it as this is the focal point of your entire marketing campaign. ( It really has to be very good)

2. Learn how to do some of the marketing yourself.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people telling me all they want to do is their business and they want to have someone handle all of the marketing. This is okay once you know what marketing has to be done for your business. But if you can’t judge or measure what the person you hired is doing for you, then how do you know if They are doing A good job? Take some courses and learn some of the stuff yourself.

3. Learn systems for your Marketing and Implement them. Nothing takes more time for a business that implementing marketing initiatives that aren’t Systematized.

4. Have somebody help you with the SEO, on page optimization and off page optimization ( namely Backlinks) are absolutely critical for you getting ranked high on Google.

5. Have a lead generation funnel  and do presentation marketing, presentation marketing ( like webinars or Workshops) is the strongest kind of marketing. You can do for your business, learn it.

Now here is what I think you should be doing instead.

1. When you open your email. Like most people nowadays. What do you see. Do you see hundreds of emails from people trying to sell you something and what you do with them?
Most people that I know including myself delete them. Why?, That’s a very good question, my answer is, you don’t know them and as opposed to giving you some reason to like them or know them, they’re trying to sell something to you off   the bat. Obviously this doesn’t work so what you want to do is give people free information and free education so that when they are ready to buy from somebody they know you like you and trust you.

2. Value, value, value – if the information that you’re putting out there Isn’t valuable nobody is going to care, ever wonder why no one is reading your blog, it is because the information you’re putting out there isn’t valuable. One of the best blogs I saw was from a fitness marketer , it was a blog that gave real value his trade secrets on a regular basis so that when he offered his coaching services. People really saw the value in what he was offering. If you’re not offering great value and great information. No one will care.

3.Doing you need 100,000 followers? The answer is no. You need a fair amount of followers on Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, build organically that will engage your audience and once again Build credibility. Without credibility. No one is going to want to hire you, that means you need a professional website, a professional Facebook page, a professional LinkedIn profile, and a professional twitter profile. Like me. I’m sure when you going to hire someone for a new service or job what I do is I look them up On the Internet. If their Website isn’t any good and their social media presence isn’t there, I don’t think they’re very credible and therefore, I’m probably not going to engage them or call them.

4.Really watch what you or your employees are tweeting, posting on Facebook,Twitter, or posting on LinkedIn. We’ve all seen it mentioned in the news of social media blunders where someone posts something that is so inappropriate that it has a huge backlash on the organization as a whole. Remember once it’s on the Internet it’s on there forever ( There is no taking it back)

5. Education and training, let’s face it, Internet marketing and social media is changing on a regular basis, I have spent $80,000 over the last 10 years on my education and training. (I firmly believe in taking courses, workshops, webinars, Certifications) not only do I want to be the best at what I do but I know that the more training I take the smarter all be and the more successful  I’ll be.

Internet marketing and social media training isn’t something that happens overnight, it takes time and lots of good education and good information.

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Allan Fine

The top five reasons your marketing is not working

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