The secret to how I am number one on page 1 of Google finally revealed!

The secret to how I am

number one on

page 1 of Google finally



As a professional Internet marketer, I am often asked by my clients. How do you rank number one page 1 of Google.

( Just Google- Calgary Marketing Company )

While all my competitors on that page, who are spending money on Google adwords, are spending anywhere between $500-$2000 every single month, it’s costing me absolutely nothing.

It did however cost me to get there, time and money well spent though I think considering some of them are spending up to $24,000 per year.

During my workshops and webinars I share the formula for how to rank #1 on page 1 of Google. every single day because of this I get tons of brand-new leaves and e-mails from my contact page, because position number one, two and three on page 1 of Google gets 65% of all the traffic.

Here is the secret to ranking on Google:

1. Your code- right-click on any webpage and click on view source and you’ll see the code of that page. The code should be formatted properly with all the correct meta-tags and all the other bells and whistles that webpage should have that will allow it to properly rank.

2. The front and copywriting and content. Just look at my page

Copy writing affects your business in two ways. Firstly-does the copy or actual wording on the page cause your clients to pick up the phone and e-mail you or call you. Secondly-is the copywritten property for the search engines as Google now rank your page, also based upon your copy.

3. Keyword density- When Google goes to a page,(. Let’s say it’s about women’s shoes) does the page have the phrase women’s shoes on the page. Is the page fully formatted properly and is the key word density at 5%.

4. Lastly, and almost the most important is Backlinks, just look at my page

and you’ll see what Backlinks are all about. Your website and your individual pages need thousands of highly targeted properly formatted Backlinks. Without these your webpage just will never rank.

So there you have it. The very short and sweet version of how I got to be on page 1 number one in Google.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this training I’m doing a intermediate training program live on April 25, and a webinar on April 19th and 20th.

Here are the links- Hope see you there where I can train you in detail on all of this- for Live Event for The Webinar

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