The Death of -You need to find another Social Media Aggregator

The Death of -You need to find another Social Media Aggregator.

So after months of trying to email them¬† (¬† support tickets on why their interface wasn’t allowing new sign-ups and many of the functions inside weren’t working. I finally see that they announced that as of April 30, 2013 their shutting down.

Like many people, I have to say I’m not too happy about it. I’ve used Posterous now for about two years and really like their interface ( I would’ve even started to pay for it ,if they have asked).

But, like many other social media websites and companies that got absorbed and bought out by a larger company. In this case, Twitter, and instead of selling it to somebody and keep it going, which is what I would’ve done they’re closing it down.
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Why, oh why, oh why, who knows?

So I created this video as I have been hunting around for another social media aggregator, and until I find one like Posterous, I’m going to be using jet pack inside of Word press.

Jet pack is a free plug-in for WordPress that is installed inside your website hosting package and connects to and even though it doesn’t have as many social media sites to connect to, I haven’t yet found anything else that I can use like, so far as had a WYSIWYG editor inside if interface.

If anybody out there knows of a website like ( not HootSuite because no WYSIWYG editor) , please let me know.

So there you have it, once again if you want the full list and all the information please contact me I be happy to help you ,have a great day.

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