Super back linking strategies and SEO information, that you absolutely must know!

Here is some information I came across that most companies should know themselves or hire a company who understands all this technical mumbo-jumbo as it will result in your website being ranked higher on Google. Therefore getting more leads, and therefore making more money!

This information is a little bit complicated and probably the average company owner or marketing person won’t understand it, as it’s pretty technical. Now I’m not saying this to seem really smart. I just find that when I talk to my clients about this. They get that kind of glazed look over their eyes and they have no idea when talking about. That’s okay, if you get it great, if you don’t understand it. Please contact me. I be happy to explain to you. 

Backlinks are the backbone of any great SEO program.

The easiest way to increase your sites. Google PR if the buyback links in those pages which is then passed to your webpage and increases your PR weight!

Passed PR Weight – is Google PageRank weight, passed from the backlink page to your web page. This weight is calculated based on the Google PageRank Formula. For your convenience, below we provided a simplified explanation of Google PR Formula. 



Take a look in the above table, youll see that to get PR4, you need to have 625 weight. Since your page has only 511.82 weight, it will get PR3. 

Now, lets take a look at another example for you to see how important the number of outbound links is. For example, if you buy a backlink on PR6 page with only 1 outbound link, then your page will get the following PR weight: 15,625 (weight of PR6 page) / 2 (your link will become 2nd outbound link) 15% = 6,640.62 weight. If your page is PR0, such backlink will increase your page PR to PR5 in the next  Google PR update!


All this means that when you purchase backlinks, you need to consider not only Google PR of the page, but also the number of outbound links on that page.

To make a long story short. A website along with all the other website optimization factors  ( see this post on how I explained how Google actually gets a website ranked)!/the-secret-to-how-i-am-number-one-on-page-1-o
needs to have thousands and thousands of Backlinks.
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