Stop trying to get me into bed on the first date!!

Stop trying to get me into bed on  the first date!!

Okay I know it sounds really racy, and actually am very guilty of using that to get your attention. I’m so sick and tired though, of people on LinkedIn contacting me for the very first time or accepting my invitation only to trying to sell me their services within that first contact.
Stop trying to get me into bed on  the first date

 Stop trying to get me into bed on  the first date


I don’t like it, and the majority of businesses and business owners on LinkedIn don’t like it either. They’re probably thinking to themselves like I do ( F**ck ) I know you have services and I know you want me to buy them, if I wanted your services I would contact you!
Now to the headline, all the ladies out there will understand exactly what I’m talking about. I’m sure, some sleazy pickup line in a bar or at some point in your life some guy has come up to you, trying to get you in the sack after he first just met you. Now the odd time it’ll work, may be 1% or 2% of the time, but I’m sure the majority of ladies out there will say, “Hell yeah I know you’re talking about”.
Just stop it, at least get to know me, take me out on a few dates and then maybe we can talk about it or do it. LOL.

The same thing on LinkedIn, if you have just met somebody on LinkedIn or you asked them to accept your invitation. DO NOT SAY THIS!!!!

“Thank you for accepting my invitation on LinkedIn, I do this and this service, if you ever need my service don’t hesitate to contact me”
Ya , we all know what you do and if I need your service I would contacted you’re ready.

Instead when I coach my clients about using LinkedIn and I’m sure every other LinkedIn coach will agree with me, this is what I tell the clients who pay me lots of money to say, (write this down)!!

Thank you very much for accepting my invitation on LinkedIn, I do this service…, I can also help you doing this or this. ( Now this is where it is much different ) I was looking at your profile, I am very interested in what you do. Can you please tell me more about it. I have over 8000 connections on LinkedIn I’m sure I can leverage them for you to help you. I would love to buy you for a coffee if you live in Calgary, or talk to you on the phone if you don’t. What is your availability?


Do you see the difference?
It’s about using social media for the introduction but then doing it the old-fashioned way which is creating a relationship with the person, and in the case of dating, buying them dinner or lunch or better or at least going on a couple of dates before you try to get them in the sack!!!

So please all the people who see this on LinkedIn stop trying to sell the people when you first meet them or after they accept your invitation. They don’t want to be sold too, and they will never care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Allan Fine is a 10 year veteran of internet marketing and SEO, and has also been Called “Calgary’s top Linkedin Expert”
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Stop trying to get me into bed on  the first date

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