Social Media Internet marketing, and ranking high on Google for 2015 Mastery Workshop (And How to make Money with it) ($429 value)

As 2015 slowly winds down we can see 2016 on the horizon. With that in mind it’s time for some brand-new training updated for 2015/2016 on Internet marketing social media and Google. The more things change the more things remain the same. I’m still amazed as I mentioned over two years ago how many companies have no website or website that has not been updated in years.

Attn: business owners in USA and Canada!! It’s 2015 and consumers are finding your business on the Internet or on their smart phones. No one is using the physical Yellow Pages anymore unless there are 65 years or older. All the more reason for some training for the average person who is not a SEO expert, or a Internet marketing expert but wants to and needs to get their websites up online and working properly for lead generation for their businesses.

So on October 8 and 9th 2015- 10am -1230pm both days MST,  I am once again doing my webinar training for small to medium businesses across North America and if you fall into that category you definitely should come to this.
Social Media Internet marketing, and ranking high on Google

Deal Highlights

  • Learn how to increase your business’ awareness of all aspects of online marketing and social media in 2015
    • A) Do you why you need a compelling website that converts!
    • B) What is the secret formula for Google to rank on page 1!
    • C) Do you have a blog? Is it part of your social media lead generation funnel?
    • D) Why keyword research is the one crucial step that 99% of most businesses fail to do – we’ll show you how to do it!
    • E)  Time on Website and Bounce rate is a new key ranking factor, what should you do about it?
    • F) Does your LinkedIn profile needs updating? Do you have an upgrade of LinkedIn membership that allows you to see who’s viewed your profile and contact people without their email address?
    • G) One of the newest benchmarks for Google is how much time people stay on your website, and what process they used to get there. Learn what you can do to Capitalize on that.
    • H) How to contact 200,000 – 1,000,000 people to see your marketing message in a matter of 5 minutes!
    • I) Do you have an email autoresponder system an email system that uses color and pictures, use which one?
    • J) Capture the data from visitors on website? Which system?
    • K) Software we use to contact thousands of businesses that results in an avalanche of on-demand prequalified leads, of clients asking us what we can do for them!
    • L) Retargeting and Re-Marketing – have you ever gone on a website and then all the sudden you see that same website or same ad over again even though you’re not looking for anymore. You’ve been retargeted, we’ll show you how to do that for your website and your business.
    • M) Google plus, still a big player in rankings, learn how to get reviews from your smart phone which is brand-new in 2015.

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing Executives
  • Business Consultants
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Department Heads
  • And yes, the CEO’s and COO’s who desire accountability and a huge ROI!
  • Knowledgeable instructors with 10 years of expertise in enhancing customer experience.
  • Live training, two-day courses! Multiple dates available!
    • Live-Training -Two-Day Internet marketing, Rank high in Google and social Media Mastery for 2015 – October 8th and 9th  from 10 AM to 12:30 PM MST

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