So you Attract Prospects on LinkedIn, What Kind of Content should you post?

Over time I have learned one thing on LinkedIn, people want to deal with people!

Not your business, not your Corporation. They are buying you!!

So you better make sure that “YOU” have all your “I’s” dotted and all your T’s crossed on your profile, and your publishing the right kind of content that makes you the absolute authority figure in your field.

That means you need to have a consistent well-planned strategy and game plan where you’re not only posting your content on your website, but also on LinkedIn on a consistent basis that your potential prospects will see.

Through LinkedIn you have the ability to access a huge market, and over the last five years of being a LinkedIn expert trainer, I have really embraced the platform, even with all its bumps and bruises ( like when they rolled out the brand-new design in late 2016, with no supporting documentation right away, LOL).

With over 500 million members worldwide, I can’t think of any other social media interface or otherwise where you can access your target market like you can on LinkedIn.

For instance I put the word “Owner” On my platform I see over 12 million results.

That means, over 12 million people, who probably own their own businesses. If your in the B2B marketing space, and your business is marketing to other businesses, that can be a lot of leads!

By writing articles, or posting updates on a regular basis, you can build a loyal list of followers, but more importantly when you connect with people and they go to check you out, (which trust me they are doing) then you will look like the absolute authority in your niche.

As we all know people buy from people they know, like and trust. The challenges most business owners are not content writers, so how do you find the content?

The best source I believe is this going on Google, as well is writing about what you know and love.

Where to Find Content:

Another resource to find content, in almost any niche, social media, Internet marketing, look at individuals and Follow them.

How to do it:

So once you have a good topic to write on, don’t hold back, give the real goods and real information. Make sure you include graphics or pictures, people think with pictures.

For instance if someone tells you think of a “whale” In your mind’s eye do you see “WHALE” or

Write a great article that will actually help people out, and don’t forget you’re call to action at the end. I see so many people publishing great content with no called action. After all don’t we all want more clients?

Here are some great topics and things to put in your headlines:

  • How-To………………….
  • Lists or questions…………………..
  • Real information ( away some of your best stuff )
  • Top 5- 10 Lists……………..

Remember, once again people think in pictures, make your topic very descriptive.Think how they write newspaper headlines.

Recently, We have created a brand-new LinkedIn lead generation strategy, that has a money back guarantee. If you’re looking for unlimited leads on LinkedIn please contact us. Please, let me know by commenting how you use LinkedIn for Lead Generation, I want to feature YOU in my next article.

Allan Fine is a LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert for the last 5 years.
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