On LinkedIn you could now add graphics to your company page and upload presentations on a file.


I talk about LinkedIn on my blog posts on a regular basis as I still believe LinkedIn is one of the number one social media interfaces that businesses should be on because all business.



The people LinkedIn have been busily beavers since they made a big change in January of the design changes and new format and while I thought the blocky format is a big mistake as far as design, I’m slowly getting used to it and a slowly introducing new features to it that I think a pretty cool.

One of the newest features once again is the availability of being able to put in the graphics, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents or PDF files not only to your personal profile page but also the company page.

They have little a little paperclip icon at the very top of your company profile they can click onto and add any of these types of files.

What this makes is your company page more interactive rate and share more information and that’s a good thing.

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