Number one page 1 of Google!!

So you may have heard of Penguin and panda updates, and how they knocked a lot of people off page one of Google, well I’m one of them.  So the challenge is  how do you get back on page one of Google or even get there the first place?

Number one page 1 of Google









 Number one page 1 of Google

So if you haven’t heard of what’s happening in the Internet marketing and SEO world, the rules have changed dramatically, those who were on page one are no longer on page one, and those who are never on page 1 are.  As a Internet marketing that see an SEO expert, one of the things I prided myself was being on page one of Google for the key phrase Calgary marketing Company. Until about three months ago when I knocked off altogether with the new Penguin and panda updates. I made a mission by taking new courses and reinvesting in myself to get back there and I’m happy to say as of today I am, number one page 1 of For Calgary marketing Company!

page 1 google

The good news is I have tested the process that I used to get myself back on page one of Google at the very top and I’m very confident that I can replicate it for any company out there at all.

What does that mean for you?

I’m glad you asked, one of my clients,  we have him on page one of Google for moving companies Calgary, and his rankings are slowly climbing for Calgary movers, and we have a call tracking number on his website. Last month he got over 30 phone calls, and probably close about 20 leads.

Being on page one of Google gives you real lead generation, and obviously lead generation equals closed sales.

So if you’re looking to get on page one of Google for your company in any industry in any niche give me a shout I be happy to have a conversation with you.
Allan Fine

Number one page 1 of Google

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