Link Audit and Detox

Over 75 percent of sites have backlinks that could cost them a loss in Google rankings. Just “Calgary marketing Company” one of the most challenging key phrases to get ranked on considering that every other marketing company in my city is also trying to rank themselves for the same key phrase and they are also “experts”!

It’s not that surprising really – with the rampant link building that took place for years, we should have known this was coming. In fact, we stopped participating in “traditional” link building years and years ago – before Penguin was even a gleam in Google’s eye – because we saw this coming. Looking ahead is crucial in this business and every step of the way, we’ve made sure our strategy satisfies the “now” and the future. But enough about us, this is really about you.
Link Audit and Detox

Have you seen any decrease in your business in the past few years? Have you hit a ceiling you just can’t break through? Or worse yet, have you lost traffic?

Every single day I encounter businesses struggling to get by online and in most cases, they don’t know why they just can’t get ahead. More often than not, links are the culprit.

The problem with bad links? Unless you do a Link Audit and Detox, you don’t know they are lurking out there and hurting your site.

If there is any chance your site has bad links and if you care about your traffic from Google, a Link Audit/Detox is a must.

I offered a special bonus for anyone that decides to proceed with a Link Audit or Rescue Review – and that offer still stands – but what’s more important than any special offer is just getting a solid idea of your link profile so you can act accordingly.


Link Audit and Detox

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To Clean Link Profiles, if you have a Google Webmaster tools account you need to add this email so I can export the links

Link Detox $29-Reg $129


Allan fine
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Link Audit and Detox

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