Ladies, Creme LuXury puts the power of youth at your fingertips, helping skin act up to 15 years younger.

Where other prestige anti-aging cremes stop, ARTISTRY Creme LuXury begins. Bringing together the ultimate skin care experience and scientific innovation, Creme LuXury puts the power of youth at your fingertips, helping skin act up to 15 years younger. Its new patent-pending CellEffect technology re-energizes skin’s youth with an ingredient so powerful and rare that it’s worth 30 times its weight in gold.


Creme LuXury is 1/4 the price of its nearest competitor, 75% less Wow!!

Fight aging from within and unlock the secret to younger-acting skin with age-reversal benefits only available from ARTISTRY. Experience unparalleled performance and the ultimate indulgence in skin transformation.


Women who tried Creme LuXury reported astonishing results:

  • 93% experienced smoother skin.
  • 88% experienced a more youthful glow.
  • 84% experienced a more radiant complexion.
  • 81% saw fewer fine lines.
  • 79% saw fewer wrinkles.
  • 78% experienced younger-looking skin.
  • 67% felt skin was firmer and lifted.

What is the secret behind Creme LuXury?
Creme LuXury has launched a new era in anti-aging. Working with leading researchers, our scientists unlocked the secret to energizing the skin and captured its essence in our exclusive CellEffect technology. The key to this revolutionary age-reversal breakthrough is an ingredient so rare that it’s worth 30 times it’s weight in gold.

  • The unique CellEffect approach to help repair damage and help re-energize the skin to youthful-looking radiance.
  • The first and only ARTISTRY product to contain Cardiolipin – a rare lipid that can help your skin feel re-energized.
  • Contains exclusive NUTRILITE® Spinach Extract to help boost skin’s natural ability to repair past damage and help protect against future damage.

What is CellEffect technology?
ARTISTRY Creme LuXury used a novel approach to address past skin damage and aging. The novel approach is called CellEffect. Cell Effect features a blend of several unique patent-pending ingredients, specially blended to help energize the skin. A key ingredient included in this special blend is Cardiolipin.

What is Cardiolipin?
Cardiolipin is a unique and precious lipid, similar to that found naturally in skin cells. The Cardiolin in ARTISTRY Creme LuXury helps replenish this vital lipid and is therefore able to aid in re-energizing the skin. This lipid also helps protect skin cells from future environmental damage and stress.

Why doesn’t Creme LuXury contain an SPF?
Unlike any other product, Creme LuXury has been specially created to turn back the hands of time and slow skin’s natural aging process to restore and protect skin’s youthful energy to revive and invigorate. It focuses on the inherent causes of aging rather than external factors. To protect against the sun’s damaging rays, apply a product with SPF in the morning after you apply Creme LuXury (such as ARTISTRY Tinted Moisturiser or any ARTISTRY foundation). Or, use a TIME DEFIANCE® moisturizer with SPF in the morning and apply Creme LuXury at night.

Is Creme LuXury the same as Creme L/X?
Yes, the exclusive anti-aging creme made famous in Europe and Japan is now available in Canada and the United States as Creme LuXury.

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Use Instructions

  • Use twice daily, morning and evening, after cleansing and toning. In the morning, use in combination with an SPF product for protection from environmental aging.
  • Extract creme from the jar with the included caviar spoon.
  • Gently apply to face and neck with your fingertips in an upward motion, soothing motion.

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