If Your’e a NON-Profit in Canada or the USA, I can get you $10,000 a month in Adwords advertising every month, Free of charge

Yes amazing as that sounds I have stumbled across a Google ad words program for nonprofit where they will give you $10,000 a month in free Google ad words advertising every single month not just in a  whole year.

The tricky part is going through all the hoops to apply for it and then get approved,  that’s where we come in.  I’m a local internet marketing and web design consultant. Doing my research for Calgary charities, non profit and religion or any of the related terms I came across something very interesting that you might want to look into and I can help you with.

Google non profit





Working with another nonprofit organization, I came across a very interesting situation involving Google ad words. Google has a program for nonprofit where they will give you up to $10,000 a month in free adword advertising, and through that information I came across another interface that will give you more free support in the form of tech development and software.

I just got  them approved!!

If you have ever been thinking about increasing your congregation, promoting the events at your location, having $10,000 in free advertising every single month I’m sure would help. We can help you with that. Now of course I can’t promise you that you would be in for sure but I’m sure you agree that it’s worth looking into and contacting me.

As well, I’m not sure if you are looking to have your website redesigned/updated or to have a an expert in local search marketing (local SEO), work on specifically take your  Keywords and market it through Google AdWords,  yelp,  Google Plus (really important as it’s all changed recently), Bing Business Portal, and Facebook. In fact our company actually trains companies like yours on Internet marketing and social media, you’ll see our training information on our website homepage. We’ve trained thousands of companies across Canada in the last 10 years.


I’m not in India, Philippines, or even in LA or NYC. I’m in Canada and my head office is in Calgary, Alberta, which means I have the real knowledge of how to market websites and companies in Calgary. This is something that companies in India or the Philippines, (which I’m sure you get tons of emails for) really don’t understand our market. We do.


My company won’t promise you something we can’t deliver. We’ve helped many of our other companies rank on page 1 of Google.ca.
Here are just a few:

  • Calgary sprinkler systems http://calgarysprinklersystems.com/
  • Calgarypaintingcompany.ca – not only is this company ranked number one on page one of Google for the key phrase Calgary painting company but also number two with his LBL (local business listing).
  • BC surveyor- bcsurveyors.ca
  • Calgary water heaters – waterheatercalgary.net
  • Calgary marketing company – executiveedge1.com
  • moving companies – Calgary Calgary Promovers
  • Calgary reflexology -stepforwardtobetterhealth

If you have been thinking about revamping your website accessing this $10,000 per month in free advertising Google or getting your company higher rankings on Google and are ready to take the next step, which is just a friendly email or phone call with no obligation to purchase,  please send me an email or call direct at (403) 246-7386.




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