How to maximize your LinkedIn profile and get a steady stream of free leads!

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Maximize your LinkedIn profile

As you know, I’m a great advocate of LinkedIn, in fact, in my last post, I told you how to get a LinkedIn upgraded membership and save hundreds of dollars on it.
That way you can see exactly who was been viewing your profile and contact them without using an email address. LinkedIn is a gold mine of ongoing leads and lead generation
if you know how to use properly, in this post I will tell you the 22 things you need to do to your profile to maximize it!

maximize your LinkedIn profile

1. Your Name. This is your first impression so keep it simple and clutter free. Don’t add
any acronyms and credentials to it. LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to put key phrases in your name.

2. Picture. Have a Great headshot! Make sure you’re smiling, we all have seen Profile pictures on LinkedIn
where the person looks like a serial killer. LOL, people want to deal with friendly people. Make sure your picture reflects that!

3. Professional Headline. This is the most important field in your profile. You have 120
characters here so be sure to use your keywords Separated by the pipe key
( The key right above the enter key. With the shift key held down).

4. Web sites. LinkedIn will let you put up to three website in your profile. Do not use their.
generic labels such as “My Company” or “My Blog.” Always click “Other” and change the words.
to describe what you offer. You can even have multiple links to the same website.

5. Twitter. Be sure to add your Twitter handle to your page. This will allow people who.
connect with you on LinkedIn to easily follow you on Twitter also.

6. Public Profile. You can change the url for your LinkedIn Profile to what is called a.
vanity url. Whenever possible choose your name before someone else gets it. If your name.
is not available, think of a way to still have your name in it by including a middle initial or a.
designation after it.

7. Summary. You have a total of 2,000 characters here; try to use them all and share with people who you are, and what you do. It is important that this is written in first person and not have it as a boring bio. Talk about who you are, who should connect with you and how you can help them. Be interesting, show a little of your personality and always end with a call to action. Let them know exactly what they should do next.

8. Experience. This is another great place to use your keywords, instead of putting your actual experience information make sure that the 1st field (Company name) is your keyword search string, make sure the next field is your keyword search string ( title) , your location is your true location, when you start typing this in your city and area will pop up automatically, click on it, the time period is very important when you started working there, until now. This next step is extremely important!!¬† When you click on I currently work here a new box will pop up “Update my headline to:”¬† make sure you uncheck this otherwise it will overwrite your top headline, then put in the description box. Once again Put in your keyword search string, and then you can actually put in the text and information that relates to the position that you have, here is my profile, seeing see how I’ve done it.

9. Current Title (in Experience). This is a very important section for search optimization (how people will find you on LinkedIn). Include the keywords and phrases you think others would be searching for when looking for someone who provides what it is you offer.

10. Past Experience. Include information about your past experience. You don’t have to fill out as many details as your current experience but be sure to at least have a paragraph description for each one. Include the keywords and phrases you think others would be searching for when looking for someone who provides what it is you offer.

11. Volunteer Experience. Add volunteer experience to your profile by selecting to add the volunteer experience section to your profile. You will also have the option of filling out a list causes you care about and adding a list of organizations you support.

12. Education. List all education you have had. Include college, business training, technical training and any professional training you’ve had. Include all accomplishments, awards, special projects and credentials that will enhance your credibility.

13. Interests. Discuss in this section things that you enjoy, this is the place where you can show your human side. You can include both personal and professional interests. You have 1,000 characters in this section.

14. Groups and Associations. List all of the groups and associations that you belong to. These can be industry, professional social and non-profit organizations. Include full spelling of them and separate each one with a comma.

15. Video. Use LinkedIn’s multimedia feature to add video to your profile. You can add videos below your summary section as well as below each position in your experience section. Having a video in your profile really separates you from the rest on LinkedIn. Your video can be a welcome video, a video talking about what you offer or a video testimonial.

16. Add Multimedia. In addition to adding a video you can also add images, documents and presentations. If you have a Slideshare presentation you can add it (along with videos). below your summary section as well as below each position in your experience section.
17. Skills. Click on the “More” tab on the LinkedIn navigation bar above your profile. Then click on “Skills”. Here you can add a list of your skills. Have keywords in mind here and list the skills you have that people may be searching for. Keep in mind that these are the skills people will be endorsing you for so select skills you want to be known and endorsed for.

18. Contact Settings. In this section you have 1,800 characters where you can discuss who you want to connect with, how they can connect with you and anything else you want to share. Include all of the contact information that you are comfortable sharing here.

19. Recommendations. It is important that you get some recommendations on your LinkedIn Profile. Simply ask people that you know for a recommendation. Getting recommendations from your clients is always best. Always customize the message that is sent out when asking for recommendations. Make it easy for the person you are requesting a recommendation from by providing a sample. Try to get at least 5-10 recommendations on your profile. Note: one of the best ways to get recommendations is to give them!

20. LinkedIn Groups. You can join a total of 50 groups. Take advantage of that and find 50 groups that you can join. Look for groups that are in your geographically area, your industry, and groups where your ideal clients may be. You may also want to join groups on subjects that you want to learn more about. The reason you want to join 50 groups is because you can connect them to your blog by a social media aggregator, and as long as you’re not posting, by from me, by from me, by from me, and your posting relative and relevant content that is in string and informative, you can post to these 50 groups in about 2 minutes. That will allow you to contact up to 200,000 or 300,000 people at one time. that’s social media reach!!!

21. Status Update. Each day update your status so you show up in the news feed of your connections and appear active on LinkedIn. If you have a blog post you can use the link to your post as your status update or you can link to another interesting article.

If you need any help figuring any of this out. Please feel free to contact me.

Allan Fine

 Maximize your LinkedIn profile

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