Here is a phenomenal new idea for a Google traffic boost for your website.

Google traffic boost to your website

I just watched a video from a amazing Internet marketing person, on installing a SSL certificate on your website, that gave him an 200% boost in traffic on his site.

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I know you’re thinking right away what about the heart bleed bug, so if you’re installing this on a host that has its stuff together they’ve already fixed that, and with that in mind then this is the best time to install one.
I’m going to be installing it on my website,,  In the next day or 2, so when you go to my website from now on you’ll see this instead

I’m going to be talking about this in detail during the next webinar which is happening April 24 and 25th 2014 and if you’re like me, keeping your website or getting your website to number 1 page 1 of Google for your key phrase ( just, Calgary marketing company) my number 1 key phrase, I want to always be my competition, as well as dramatically increase traffic to my site.  All of this equals more traffic and more lead generation.

2 days, 5 hours, of cutting edge information on Internet marketing and social media.
• Learn how to increase your business’ awareness of all aspects of online marketing and social media in 2014
• Learn all about Autoresponders and why you need to build your email list.
• How to use LinkedIn and why it’s so important (one new trick that will allow you to contact 250,000 people in 10 minutes) and how to save $300 on a LinkedIn membership!
• How to create a Facebook business page
• What are the 4 key elements of ranking your website on page 1 of Google
• Get 2 software programs free that will help you analyze your website and make it Google friendly. Why it’s so important to install WordPress on your host as opposed to using and the rules of blogging or email marketing to create truly great results
• Keyword research – 90% of businesses online miss this one crucial step
• See software in action that can contact thousands of other business for you automatically and bring you hundreds of new leads
• Experienced instructor (over 10 years in the industry)

I hope to see you there.

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