Google Penguin and panda update recovery 101 !!

Don’t run for cover, Just listen up.


Like the previous updates from Google, such as the Panda, the latest Penguin update Has many webmasters and website owners scrambling from the destruction. When Google massively changes its algorithm. You have to react and react quickly. Here are some great tips and great information to help you recover. If your search engine rankings have dropped.

As a Calgary marketing company, our job is to help our clients and our potential clients ( that’s you) with great information on SEO and Internet marketing.

I love organic search results, and organic search traffic from Google and other major search engines constitutes around 50% of all Internet traffic.
About eight years ago. I stopped spending tons of money on Google ad words and other pay per click and now I rely almost entirely on natural search engine traffic. So losing valuable visitors and customers as a result of a penalty arising from The Google Penguin and panda update and webspammy SEO techniques can be devastating for any startup, business, blogger or Internet entreprenuer.

This article discusses the steps needful to revert from Google SEO penalties and act re-appearing in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This great information will tell you exactly what to do moving forward.

first off, do you have this done properly:

  • Got clean sitemaps?
  • Still have duplicate content issues?
  • Have you integrated social sharing features across your site?
  • Got the best practices of SEO covered (remember, we like SEO…)
  • Do you have a webmaster account activated at the all of the search engines?
  • How’s your robots.txt file doing? Blocking the right stuff?
    1.Perform a full website and SEO audit on your site.

    Google doesn’t channelise the intricacies of their algorithms. It’s happened before that sites soul disappeared as a ensue of bugs on Google’s indorse of things. So no one can archer you incisively why your website or diary dropped out of the rankings – tho’, if you meshed in fastening structure journal rings then that is a fair overt soul.

    It’s grave to fulfill a athlete website SEO scrutinize with a accent on any and all voltage SEO problems that strength head to penalties.

    What does an SEO audit involve?

    Here’s what your SEO audit should include at a minimum:

    • Webmaster tools: Helps to find unwanted, low PR (PageRank) back links
    • On-site SEO: Have you checked your site for duplicate content? Stub pages? Caching? Aggregation? Speed? Performance? Malware? SEO keyword stuffing?
    • Off-site SEO: Have you got plenty of niche backlinks from quality resources? Is anyone talking about you in social media? News? Blogs?
    • Backlinks: This is the main culprit in the recent Penguin algorithm update. One of the most likely candidates if you have been using unethical SEO services up ’til now
    • Google analytics: Can pinpoint drops in search traffic and relate it to any major search algorithm updates. This may provide clues as to the type of SEO problems your blog or site succumbed to

    2. After performing a complete SEO audit, it is time to work out what SEO features of your site or blog are the best candidates for improvement. Usually it’s going to be on site page optimization and Backlinks.

    Spammy backlinks are Number one on Google’s hit list

    Here are the most likely reasons for a recent drop in the search engine results pages:

    • Poor quality backlinks: If you’ve joined a blog ring, or paid for backlinks… well, I trust you’ve learned your lesson
    • Lack of fresh content: Adding Content to your site Eight years ago and expecting to remain at the top of search results is not realistic
    • Over optimization: If you spend more time working for search engines than human visitors, you are not being productive
    • Poor SEO: If you have not implemented any of the major SEO guidelines then its possible that straightforward SEO could fix the problem
    • Lack of buzz or social interaction: Google takes into account what other people think of your site or blog. If no-one is interested in your site, is it realistic to think Google will be?

    Fixing the above SEO issues can take time and effort, and it can take even longer for your site to reappear in the search results. Fortunately, it is possible to give your site an advantage…

    3. Add great new content to many pages of your current site and create new pages.

    Add 60 new high quality, well SEO’d articles that are shared and promoted socially and all of a sudden, you have 350 backlinks of which only 98 are spammy. Now less than one third of your backlinks are spammy and, from Google’s perspective, you are most likely a high quality site with a bit of webspam.

    Much of Google’s algorithm metrics are relative. This means that if you have 98 spammy backlinks out of a hundred, then 85% of your backlinks are spammy and from Google’s perspective your site is most likely poor quality.

    4. Implement Penguin and panda friendly SEO techniques.

    SEO is basically a bug in the search system. Google continually adapts to close up loopholes exploited by people attempting to derive greater benefit than the quality of their content warrants.

    The SEO Investment

    So now the whole new game out there and the rules changed. Now you have to create high quality articles and Backlinks with many different anchor text key phrases. Diversify, diversify, diversify..

    5. Partner with only high quality SEO companies & services

    Risking your business by trying to cheat Google’s search algorithms is not a sound business model. Instead, work with a reliable SEO consultant or partner to implement best practice SEO, which is designed to make your site as valuable and relevant as possible.

    So there you have it, once again if you want the full list and all the information please contact me I be happy to help you , have a great day.

    Allan Fine

    The Executive Edge


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