Every once in a while a worthy cause comes across my desk

Here is such a cause, a good friend of mine is helping a child in need, and now I’m trying to get the help they need from you.



A good kid in a tough situation- help us help her!

Help a Calgary child need

My name is Sharon Gulko.  My husband, Leonard Cohen, myself, and our two daughters – Hannah, 16, and Lilah, 10 – have lived in Calgary for just over 4 years.  We are so blessed to have found an incredibly loving and supportive community of friends, colleagues, neighbours, and “adopted” family. Those of you who know us, also know how we always have an open door for anyone who needs a meal, a shoulder to lean on, a word of advice, a hug, or a place to stay.

We have always raised our daughters to treat others as we want to be treated. Our girls are lucky to have made strong and lasting friendships with wonderful kids, as we have been blessed with the gift of friendship that we value so highly.

One of Hannah’s friends, a smart, sweet, and lovely young lady, only 16 years old, recently left home. “C” has had a rough life, having been abandoned by her mother (who suffers from schizophrenia) at a young age, then placed in the care of her stepfather with whom C has a difficult, very turbulent relationship.  The stepfather has two other, younger children from another relationship; and C feels emotionally abandoned and not in a supportive or caring environment.  C has already been in foster care; has left home to live with older friends; and is trying to complete high school.  She has struggled with physical illnesses and mental-health issues for most of her life.

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