2013 The Year Of Success!
Set Your Internet
And Social Media Goals!

So many people set their goals at the beginning of the year and then four days later they have forgotten their resolutions. This year make it a year of success with CBN. Make a choice to do it differently.

For your online marketing success Allan Fine and Kerry George have put together a wonderful opportunity for you to to finally figure out what you need to have done in your business. And now you can do it for only $20! That is right! Action Business Coaching has sponsored this event making it affordable for everyone!

We will start with a powerful assessment to determine where you are now and then work through to figure out where you want to be. A plan will be put into place and you will be moving toward your goal before you even leave.

Put your year in order!

What you will learn:

In the first hour we will have some great goal setting pages for everyone to work through. This will help each participant realize where they are and then they will be able to make goals for the year based on those results.

1. Assess where you are now. Bring out a list of all of the social media and website items. We will identify goals and problem areas to create a plan.

A) Does your website content needs refreshing?

B) Do you have a blog? Does it need content? Does it need consistency?

C) Facebook business page? Do you have one? Does it need fresh content? Consistency?

D) Twitter? Do you have a plan?

E) Does your LinkedIn profile needs updating? How you do that? Do you know how to use this to get more business?

F) Use an aggregator, which one?

G) Have an email system that uses color and pictures, use which one?

H) Capture the data from visitors on website? Which system?

G) Do they have access to your own website? Passwords? By using a questionnaire for this process you get all of them to really assess what they have and then setting goals for next steps will be easier.

H) YouTube Do you have a channel? Have you made videos before? Did you make them or did you pay someone to make them? Do you have current content going up on your website?

2. Don’t get overwhelmed. We are here to make a plan. We can help as you go through the workshop but also put in a strategy for the year. Together we can do this.

3. Look at the bigger picture. Map out a plan for the entire year and think about where you want to be in 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years.

4. Strategize and dream. What CBN events are coming up that could help you? How can we build this into a year-long plan? Where do you want to take this? Do you have staff that can help? Who else could help?

5. Tactical plan. What are the next steps along the way?

6. Build rewards into the plan. Goal setting works better if you reward yourself.

7. Who are you going to be accountable to? Do you need ongoing help?

$20 if you register in advance.

Paid CBN Annual Members email to register please.

Marketing has changed in the last few years. Branding use to consist of getting flyers made, doing a mail drop, buying newspaper adds and being in the Yellow Pages. Today the world is a different place. In our throw away society flyers don’t even make it home from the post office. The newspaper is seldom read and if it is delivered to the house it is lining the cat litter tray before it got opened, and Yellow Pages???

Only a year ago huge focus was on Facebook. Did you know that there has been a HUGE shift to get more business done on LinkedIn than anywhere else? Did you know that Google changes the rules continuously about what will get your website on page 1 and what will keep it there? Are you getting the best up-to-date information?

With this fantastically educational training seminar from The Executive Edge and The Calgary Business Network, you will have the opportunity to learn all about the changes that online programs and applications have brought to the corporate playing field, and how to best understand these tools and use them to your advantage.

So book your seat, and find out how to get all of your goals met this year so you can have automation working “on” your business while you are busy working “in” it.

Space is limited so book early!

Register Now!

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The Executive-Edge!

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