Employee and Customer appreciation Gift card program.

Employee and Customer appreciation Gift card solutions that will solve your challenge of what to get them for this holiday season.

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ribbon Gift Card success

Lets face it , buying for Employees and Customers at holiday time can be challenging and time consuming.

Our program has gift cards ,Ranging from $35-$350 incentive cards that have no $ value written on them ( most people say that the gifts are valued at more than the card value )

The solutions that Ribbon provides:

1. Not trying to figure out what to buy for whom, with Ribbon, they get to pick their own gift from about a dozen choices.
2. Shipping is included with all cards to anywhere .
3. There is a 180 day choice /satisfaction guarantee on all gifts. Ribbon takes care of all that ,not you.
4. Your Employees and Customers will remember you every time they see your gift they’ll think of you.

To enquire about this Ribbon Gift incentive program contact us and we’ll set you up for success.

Contact Allan Fine https://www.myribbongift.ca/

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