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The journey of a photographer is life long. There is always more to see, more to photograph, more weddings to be a part of. Weddings hold a special place in the photography world. They embrace a universal symbolism of love. The celebration of two people joining together is one that a photographer is honored capture. Knowing our photos will hang on the walls of your home for years to come tells us our legacy lives on. A photograph is a reminder that the memory of the moment is still embedded in your mind. We want to catch instants of joy, tears, laughter, and even the mishaps.

      Keeping all of this in mind when showing up to your very first wedding is a little more difficult. You know you have the skills and talent to make it happen but the knowledge that you have to go in there and prove it is the challenge. Evan and I were lucky enough to photograph people who trusted us with one of the most important days of their lives. We had each worked on our own doing various kinds of shoots before this day, but the pressure was on as this was our first time working together.

      It was a beautiful September weekend on Oliver and Brittany’s wedding day. And with the sun high in the sky with no prospect of cloud cover, we knew we were in for some editing challenges. We had we hit the jackpot as far as location went. The Sirocco Golf Course had an ideal view for us to work with. Despite my doubts about the afternoon lighting, it went very smoothly and we got the shots we were looking for. With time not on our side that day, we went through the bridal party photographs quite a bit quicker than we had anticipated. The best part about the pressure was working with such a fun group of people who went with the pace of the day and weren’t bothered by any kind of time crunch. They were there for the same purpose we were. To make sure the bride and groom were having the greatest time of their lives.

      For us, all the events led up to the moment we stole them away at sunset. It was when we took our best photos of the day. Because this was our very first wedding, we had been questioning whether we had done what we set out to do. And within only five minutes, we knew that we had gotten the photographs we wanted. In that perfect light of the sun peeking over the hills, we knew that we had proven ourselves. It was thanks to Brittany and Oliver and their trust in us that we got to show what we were capable of.

      We have grown and learned so much about photography over a short period of time and are excited to discover even more. There is no amount of thanks we could give the couples that have given us the opportunity to be at their special day. Thank you for providing us with an opening to understand more about our field and to offer you lasting memories. We are so grateful to capture the beginning of your journey and for your photographs to be evidence of ours.


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