A very cool experiment to see if I can get ranked number one page 1 of Google!- Do you want to follow me?

As you know I do a lot of Internet marketing and social media and one of my claims to fame is getting my clients ranked number one on page 1 of Google. Just Google (Calgary Marketing Company)

In fact, I blogged about it here: http://executiveedge1.com/blog/rank-number-one-on-page-1-of-google-absolutely-guaranteed

Now recently I had a run-in with the BBB, they gave me a D+ rating-which in my opinion amounts to saying that a business is not trustworthy and a piece of crap. (You tell me, am I wrong?)

They say that they gave me this rating because I couldn’t substantiate my claim.

So I’m out to prove wrong and steaming mad.

As well on LinkedIn. I also talked about being able to get my clients on page 1 of Google and some of the key factors of how that works.

Another Calgary Internet Marketing Company, said I was wrong about many of my  theories and what I was saying. I saw this guy’s website ( which in my opinion was terrible) and saw that he was ranking for the key phrase Calgary Internet Marketing.

So my goal and am hoping you will follow me is to climb the Google ladder for the key phrase “Calgary Internet Marketing” and with it “Calgary Internet Marketing Company

A few days ago I started my Seo work on that phrase, driving it to my landing page

I was number five on page 4 , as of today I am at the bottom of page 3, and probably bouncing around a bit between page 3 and page 4.

My goal is to be on top of page 1 above, that person on LinkedIn. In one or two months. I’m hoping you’ll follow me as I keep on posting about this site and finally prove to those geniuses at the BBB, that I can do exactly what I say I’m going to do.

If you’re like me and you see the massive value of being on the top of page 1 for your key phrases and you realize the massive amount of leads and traffic and bring you please fill free to contact me. I can do the same thing for your company.

Allan Fine.


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  1. fitguru
    6 years ago

    (Business Training | Internet Marketing | Marketing Company | Social Media Marketer with Planning).

    On Top of Page #4 For Calgary Internet Marketing and on page #1 position #7 for Calgary Internet Marketing company