$200 value Free! -I’m giving away 100 Website audits | Get yours Now!

$200 value Free! -I’m giving away 100 Website audits | Get yours Now!

Competition is fierce, it’s so important to know exactly what is happening with your site and to maximize the value and figure out every little thing you can do to make your website better and rank higher in Google.

As a 20 year veteran of websites and SEO, I am testing out this new tool on my site and I want to know from you once you do an evaluation on your website what you thought of it.

Why You Need a Site Health Audit

What you think is wrong with your site, generally isn’t.

So many times clients are absolutely sure they had a Panda or Penguin issue or none at all. Without doing a comprehensive Site Health Audit, as well as looking for issues they “knew” existed, the conclusions of the audit would have been incorrect.

Why would they be incorrect? Aren’t you good at your job? Isn’t a Panda or Penguin penalty clear in the analytics and manuals are always absolute right? They can be, but generally penalties and issues aren’t always as clear-cut as they might seem.

Website audits

Website audits

For the Next 30 days, just go to:

What Does an Audit Look Like?

Our software does a 40 point inspection of your website to give you key indicators on what you need to fix in the following fields, Results ,SEO,Performance,UI/Mobile,Social Media, Site Security, Technology, and Recommendations on how to fix things.

  • Summary Analysis with Points of Action: Your audit is going to contain a lot of information. Your audit  contains a summary analysis that helps you quickly understand where your site stands, what the issues are and where your points of action are going to be.
  • Red Flag Warnings: These warnings are classified in varying levels of importance, but your site analysis should contain references to any potential site issues whether it is a penalty or conversion.
  • Data: You will have site data and tool metrics in the report that show you that when they say for example: your site might be penalized for thin content why they are saying your site might be penalized for thin content.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Your site audit will have actionable recommendations that help you implement the findings of the audit.

This amazing 40 Point Website and SEO audit is yours for a limited time. An amazing $200 value is yours for FREE! We will start charging $200 for this service very soon.

You will discover 40 key metrics about your site within these key areas, Including:

Overall Score and Results, SEO, Performance, UI/Mobile, Social, Security, Technology, Recommendations.

If you want help fixing this don’t hesitate to contact us!

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