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Inspired Internet and Social Media marketing Training .






Advanced Internet And Social Media Marketing For Companies In Calgary.






Inspired Internet and Social Media marketing Training For companies.
Course date: Jan 11th 2011 Hours: 10 AM to 8 PM
Location: Carriage House Inn, 9030 Macleod Trail SE , Calgary

Are you deeply committed to growing the size of your company and learning how to better communicate directly with your community using popular social media networks?

The speed at which news can travel using social media is nothing short of amazing. In this highly enrolling and engaging full-day hands-on training course, you will learn how to leverage the power of social media networks to help your community stay abreast of current events, entice ongoing discussion about your weekly message, reach new potential audiences, grow your perceived leadership in the community and more!


In this  full day hands on training session you will learn;

  • In this 8-10 hour hands on training session you will learn;

    *How you can grow your company and network through free social media tools.
    *How to use social media to enroll, engage and connect with current clients and new potential clients.
    *How social media can be used for powerful call-to-action such as education, quotes, events and more.
    *How companies can leverage the power of social media to increase company visibility and its ability to contact suppliers and big companies to supply to them and more!
    *Six key elements of an effective website page that enrolls and engages the visitor and gets them involved.
    *How to optimize your organization's LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to create community and relationships.
    *Advanced back linking strategies that will propel your website to the top of Google on page #1
    *How to use social media aggregators to deliver content to multiple networks with the click of a single button and increase   the exposure and reach for your message.
    *How to create a personalized automated e-mail system to communicate with 100% of your members with the click of a single button
    *Learn optimal techniques to get your pages indexed by the Search Engines. 
    *Find out what it takes to monitor your progress and the tools to help you. 
    *Understand the benefits of working with ranges of pages. 
    *Learn why submitting your site to directories is important and how to choose the correct directories. 
    *What is Link Popularity and why is it important. 
    *Receive internal and external link building strategies that will make it easier for the search engines to find your web pages. 
    *Learn about the missing element in SEO: Creativity and find out how you too can get your creative juices flowing! 
    *Get your site reviewed and walk away with a customized action-plan to get your website optimized for maximum performance. 
    *Learn about technologies that can improve your conversion rates and capture phone calls right from your web site.

Your early bird registration tuition for this course is $1,297 only $894. (Until Dec 31st, 2011)

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Plus, to ensure that you see the value instead of the cost we'll include the following 2 bonus courses valued at an additional $994.

Bonus #1 - Social Media Marketing Strategies Revealed (A $497 Value)
Internet marketing for Calgary Oil and Gas companies

This course includes 3 extremely detailed video training sessions on how to use today's most popular social media tools to grow your organization effectively and with zero investment and minimal time.

You will learn;

  • How to save time by implementing a social media lead generating system that uses the right tools and the right amount of interaction and influence.

  • What are the five key elements of an effective landing zone for your social media traffic.

  • Too many people make a Facebook page only leave it there to collecting cyber dust. How to create Facebook and LinkedIn profile pages that work.

  • How to measure and track your social media results.

  • How and why to interact within the social media realm.

  • How to use the system effectively to deliver targeted prospects to your landing zone.


Bonus #2 - How To Promote An Event Webinar (A $497 Value)
Promote your own event in Calgary

Online video training sessions on every aspect of how to promote your events and Sunday sermons, including; e-mail marketing, Google marketing, social media and more!

You will learn;

  • How to create a list and marketing that list effectively using advanced autoresponder automation.

  • How to use advanced hypnotic copywriting to enroll and engage the reader and get them to respond by taking action.

  • How to leverage the power of your community to spread the message.

Your tuition including both online study courses is valued at a grand total of $2,291.00 and is yours for only $894.

You also have my personal 100% money back guarantee that this will be the most valuable training you have ever taken.

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I look forward to working with you in this course,

Allan Fine
CEO and Lead Trainer
The Executive Edge

P.S. Remember, you don't have to purchase this Internet And Social Media Marketing For companies In Calgary course today but imagine how much you will save if you do.  

P.P.S. Please also take note of our 100% moneyback guarantee. The risk is on me to deliver a course which is not only highly useful but fun, engaging and literally the best course you will ever take.


My advice to any business owner wanting the most cost-effective and savvy way of getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollar is to hire the Executive Edge. You will be glad you did."

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